How to buy used cars effectively?

Need of Pre-Owned vehicle

Owning an automobile will be an excellent way to commute in the city. If you are not having boatloads of money to buy a new one, the second hand market is the right choice. However , there are little risks involved such as identifying and eliminating faulty vehicles, identify stolen one by verifying the papers. General rule of thumb when buying a good second hand vehicle is, Analyze the needs for your day to day activities. If you are alone driving for work, then buying a SUV or MPV will be ideally a bad choice. If you drive with family all the times, then getting a MPV /7 seater will be a good choice. Read more

About Hyundai Cars

The Accent has comfortable front seats along with a slightly lower driving position than some competitors. Luckily it comes which has a price tag as small because Atos itself and with class-leading fuel consumption figures that may leave friends and family green with envy; you cant go wrong with choosing this sleek city commuter. It reflects the technological prowess from the designers and invites the envying attention from your customers. D & A Automotive has four different packages provided with different repair and servicing options. 3 cubic feet, which isn’t overly spacious but could handle one large roll-a-long luggage or two hoofer golf bags with all the long clubs pulled and stacked atop the bag. Read more

Preventive Maintenance on Your Used Car

Check the Indicators
Make sure all the indicators are working, when you turn the key on one step. You should see all the indicators in dashboard should lighten up. If not change it. Or else you will lose the opportunity identify a faulty part in the car.

Check the liquids
Though you don’t know how to change the brake fluid, Power steering fluid. It is necessary to check all the fluids not limited to brake, power steering and water level in radiator (never open the radiator when the car/radiator is in hot. Best time is to check the car in the morning before starting).

Belts And Rubber Parts
Check your manual to see the belts change routine. Even if you don’t have manual check the tension or look for any screech noise while the pulleys are getting engaged. Change the rubber parts which are visible externally and not in good condition

Oil Change
Next to tires the oil is in the priority list in my routine check. While a better tyre can save your life, a better oil change will save the engine life. Never compromise on the engine oil or oil level. Keep it in good condition.



What your vehicle needs after purchase

Right away after your purchase

1) Mechanic: Visit your known mechanic to do a oil change, air filter, Fuel Filter change no matter what is the reading in the ODO. It wont cost a lot. but if you do. your car will be happy.

2) Tire shop: Usually if the car got maintained properly, the tires will tell. If the wear is uneven, then you may need to check the suspension or some alignments. Even if the tyres are good and evenly worn, do a wheel balancing. Read more

buy sell used vehicles using web portals

Web portals

Day by day the usage of internet is growing rapidly in India . Obviously the business owners are interested to tap into this opportunity. Since the buyers and sellers can meet over online at their convenient time and ease of trading at home, the portals are gaining potential month over month. Though these portals are gaining popularity, Still Indian web traffic analysis says that the internet search for automobiles are in its infancy. It has only grown at 10% of the total possibility. However, The individuals are interested to bypass the dealers who taker larger cuts if the seller is not a knowledgeable person, and internet is helping them to sell the way they wish.

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