How to buy used cars effectively?

Need of Pre-Owned vehicle

Owning an automobile will be an excellent way to commute in the city. If you are not having boatloads of money to buy a new one, the second hand market is the right choice. However , there are little risks involved such as identifying and eliminating faulty vehicles, identify stolen one by verifying the papers. General rule of thumb when buying a good second hand vehicle is, Analyze the needs for your day to day activities. If you are alone driving for work, then buying a SUV or MPV will be ideally a bad choice. If you drive with family all the times, then getting a MPV /7 seater will be a good choice.

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Why Used Car Over New Car
The new cars basically highly priced compared to the used one. The new car immediately out of the car showroom itself depreciates a considerable price. This is because of various reasons. The first owner covers most of the insurance charges. If you buy a car after 3 years, you will only pay a little money towards insurance compared to the new owner paid. Availability of the cars are immediate, if you need one in urgent. Used cars are best option. New cars you may need to wait long.  A few months ago getting a new swift car in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, you need to wait for at least few months after your booking date.

Role of used cars portal in India
Compared to five years back in India, now the internet is flooded with Used Car Portals. Even If one has no idea of cars before buying, he can spent some time online and find the right car and its pricing. Most of the online portals share the contact information of the seller without much bothering register and share the buyer number. Most of the portals are now extending themselves to mobile platform and more rich experience user interfaces. However, only a few are really being followed up by the backend telephonic support. I recently tried one of the web portals for searching Used Cars In Chennai it is really worth the try. Indian online car search market is improving now days, and disclosing the data publicly in the recent past two years.

Checklist for buying a used car
Check the tires. This can be done by anyone. If worn out check the market price. It is already near the market price ask for a reduced price since changing tires can cost you not lesser than 10,000Rs. If car is over 60,000 KMs check for suspension and clutch. Those are the main expenditure at this stage. Also do a three point turn to ensure the steering assembly and the transmission. Check the papers finally.

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If you buy Second hand Cars in Chennai, check for dents and scratches. Though scratches are unavoidable in Chennai city driving conditions, you should avoid the accidental cars. You may check the panel gaps in the car, it should be uniform. Check the transparency of the headlights and other signal lamps. if they differ in color and freshness, means the car met an accident and replaced as a result.

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  • June 6, 2014 at 4:03 am

    mostly used cars in chennai sold using the web portals. Though free classifieds are picking up, the car details shared one out of three is fake in free classifieds.

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    Further more the buyers are not able to search properly in free classifieds.

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