Preventive Maintenance on Your Used Car

Check the Indicators
Make sure all the indicators are working, when you turn the key on one step. You should see all the indicators in dashboard should lighten up. If not change it. Or else you will lose the opportunity identify a faulty part in the car.

Check the liquids
Though you don’t know how to change the brake fluid, Power steering fluid. It is necessary to check all the fluids not limited to brake, power steering and water level in radiator (never open the radiator when the car/radiator is in hot. Best time is to check the car in the morning before starting).

Belts And Rubber Parts
Check your manual to see the belts change routine. Even if you don’t have manual check the tension or look for any screech noise while the pulleys are getting engaged. Change the rubber parts which are visible externally and not in good condition

Oil Change
Next to tires the oil is in the priority list in my routine check. While a better tyre can save your life, a better oil change will save the engine life. Never compromise on the engine oil or oil level. Keep it in good condition.